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What we offer you

Hire STEM Women will provide you with exclusive opportunities with industry leading partner firms. We offer support in ALL industry types including start ups to FTSE companies. Our roles vary from various subject disciplines including Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers. We help you with various interviews from first round, video interviews right to assessment centre!

Sectors we specialise in

Accountancy & Financial Management

Civil & Structure Engineering

Construction & Building Services


Consumer Goods & FMCG

Financial Services & Insurance


Marketing, Advertising & PR

Management & Business

Logistics, Transports & Supply Chain

Investment IT & Technology

Investment & Banking

HR & Recruitment


Media, Journalism & Publishing

Public Service, Charity & Social Work

Quantity Surveying & Building Surveying

Retail, Buying & Merchandising


Science & Research

Teaching & Education

Tips & support

Be organised

We have partnerships with several employers who all very keen to help you secure roles with them. We get many signups daily and we encourage you to be as organised as possible, know what company you are interested in and the roles you are keen on applying to, if you are not sure that is also okay, we can help you get organised! However for those that do know what they wish to do and what you are interested in be sure to keep a track of this and make a note about any interviews you are due to attend so we can coach you.

Sector support

If you are unsure about which sector to go into, we are here to help and give you unlimited resources to give you direction, although by the end of your session with our mentors it is ultimately your choice which career path you wish to take in the end. There are unlimited opportunities!

Meet us at campus events

  Research which companies are attending the fair (Graduate Recruiters would be impressed if you do your research!)
  Appear professional – be polite, be confident and show your enthusiasm
  Discuss what you are able to offer in terms of your skills
  Make sure you arrive early avoid the “lunch time rush hour!”
  We encourage students to show their independence, it is nice to have your friends support you but recruiters are interested in you as an individual so try to avoid going in groups
  We provide your university’s careers team with a range of online material and posters so do look out for these!
  Do come and say hello to us when you are on campus as we would love to speak to you and discuss support for you!

Career consulting

If you are not sure what you want to do with your career and are confused get in touch with us to schedule an appointment over the phone to discuss where your degree can take you.


  Every company has a “about us” section, make sure you read this before applying to them
  Know the companies CSR initiatives (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  Be commercially aware
  Know the Financial Health of the company
  Learn about the company culture, for example network with people at the firm via events (we host various events with several partner firms so be sure to register on our website to hear about these opportunities)
  Know about their competitors
  Do check how active they are on social media
  Latest news
  Most employers recruit a year in advance, so if you are looking for a graduate scheme in 2019, you’re best of applying from Sept 2018!

The sky’s the limit

You are at the start of your career and you want to build up on your experience and “personal brand”. We at Hire STEM Women advice you to not limit your options. For example here a few things you should know:

Understand that every role you do will enable you to develop transferable skills, if you do not secure your ideal job, that’s okay! It is not the end of the world.

It is important to learn as much as you can and get involved in projects you enjoy. Do not set yourself to one role as if you do not get this, you will be disappointed and it will knock your confidence, we always encourage people to have three to four back up options.

Figure out, what’s important to you, do you want to work for a large organisation or a start-up or do you enjoy working independently or in a team? These are a lot of questions but they are important as they will allow you to build up your career strategy.

Plan for your future!

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