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Thousands of HIRE STEM Women job seekers have attended events or have been given the confidence to pursue a career within STEM with Hire STEM Women since January 2016, across the UK.

Why are women not interested in a career in STEM?

  Lack of confidence

  Lack of knowledge

  No role models

  Not enough exposure or support

What are we doing about it?

Hire STEM Women is a unique online multi-channel diversity network, we have skilled teams who work with you to identify your diversity needs. We provide students & professionals with STEM opportunities and support them on securing internships, placements, graduate schemes and roles with various leading industry partner firms.

Hire STEM Women provides students with a complete free service. We help students who are unsure on what career path they need to take and give them guidance on their “personal brand”. A few of the many things we support them on are as follows…

  Tailored advice
  Body language support
  1-1 coaching on how to ace assessments with partner firms

Diversity is crucial at Hire STEM Women, it is at the heart of everything we do because it enables us to:

  Attract and retain the world’s best talent in the STEM sectors
  Support your valuest
  We want to help improve your perspectives in diversity by enhancing prospects, creativity and inventions
  Help you create a workforce that is representative of the audiences at your organisation

The aim is to increase diversity in STEM sectors by 50% by 2025

About our community

  We have an active database of over 15,000 students and recent graduates, the number continues to grow every day
  We attend over 90+ universities and host campus events at most UK universities
  Using enhanced technology tracking systems, we track the behaviour of HSW candidates and can display targeted adverts as students browse other websites online
  Annual attendance of over 100+ campus events with 90+ universities (including post-92 and Russel group universities)
  Over X number of annual page views

Why are we doing what we do?


Why Hire STEM Women?

Hire STEM Women is the the UK’s leading student and graduate recruitment website for women and diverse candidates in STEM fields. We collaborate with employers by not only providing them with targeted branding opportunities but also extensive market knowledge in the STEM graduate recruitment sector.

Clients come to us because we are passionate about women and add value to their brand, diversity and recruitment strategies. We have…

  Over 15 years of graduate recruitment knowledge
  Provided employers with an enhanced hiring experience
  Less time consuming
  Diversity specific
  Sector specialists in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths recruitment
  Strong diverse talent
  Strong regional presence
  Its not about quantity, its about quality

How do people hear about us?

Our diverse community comes from various channels such as the following:

  Social media
  On campus
  Word of mouth


Advertising & Branding

Creating a strong brand strategy & visual identity for our partners keen on increasing diversity. We work with clients to build and strengthen emotional connections with targeted STEM audience.

Go digital campaign...


  Exclusive featured job board postings
  Standard job postings
  Featured branded adverts
  Event alerts
  Ad banners to direct student to your website

Text message campaigns

Regular branded text as part of our “keep warm” strategy for our partner firms. Result:

  Engage with strong STEM talent regularly
  Delivery of timely notifications about events
  Responsive messaging service to strengthen candidate relationships

Email campaigns

Our targeted and ‘high tech’ emails can reach a specific set of students which match your sifting criteria. We would direct appropriate applications to your website or our job board to drive traffic. Typically the following data is given to you if a candidate has opted in to our privacy policy. The data given to employers can include the following:

  Details of their university and academic results (predicted or achieved)
  Degree course
  Diversity details
  STEM sector preferences
  Mobile optimised e-shots which can include event promotion or promotion of graduate/ undergraduate schemes
  Bespoke content

40% Average email open rate
12% Average email click to open rate
+500% Brand engagement uplift

STEM Certification Scheme

The STEM certification scheme supports employers to make the most of female talent and show the market what women can bring to your workplace. By including our certification stamp on your network and diversity platforms you can easily demonstrate exactly why the best graduates should apply to you, while benchmarking your organisation against your competition. Through the Hire STEM Women certification programme, employers are:

  Challenging attitudes towards women in STEM
  Increasing understanding of the gender pay gap
  Removing barriers for women in the work place
  Ensuring that women have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations
  Exceptional PR opportunities that position you as a leading graduate recruiter for women in STEM

Please click this link to read on more about the scheme


We provide be-spoke consulting services for organisations that want our support in helping them achieve their diversity targets. To discuss specific consulting support that we can provide please contact our team on hq@hirestemwomen.co.uk with the subject heading “Consulting” to find out more.


Hire STEM Women designs bespoke events around our partner firms specific recruitment needs. We host a number of events throughout the year to give employers a chance to meet targeted diverse women interested in STEM careers. We have unique screening capabilities that allows us to specialise in “hard to reach” sectors and roles to attend these events. The events provide a specific pipeline of diverse candidates generating PR opportunities and brand presence on campus.

  Give you a chance to build your brand
  Build stronger campus relationships
  Outstanding PR opportunities
  Pre-generated pipeline of diverse candidates for your schemes
  Access to pre-screened and selected students post events including CV books
  Exposure to strong talent within the STEM sector
  Targeting niche-business areas
  Hire STEM Women Festival 2018*
  Campus events
  Networking days
  Insight days
  Fast track events

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