From cleaning-up the country’s highest nuclear risks and hazards to safeguarding nuclear fuel, materials and waste, our mission is nationally important.

Our purpose is to keep Sellafield safe and secure, cleaning-up the site to a defined end state.

We work in value streams, focusing on what we are really here to do, and prioritising what we do and how we do it to maximise value. We currently have four value streams:

Retrievals: we are retrieving nuclear waste, fuel and sludge that are stored inside our legacy ponds and silos, the highest risks and hazards at Sellafield

Remediation: beyond the legacy ponds and silos, we have hundreds of nuclear and non-nuclear facilities at Sellafield that need to be cleaned-up

Spent nuclear fuel management: we currently reprocess spent nuclear fuel. That means taking the fuel that has been used inside a nuclear power station and extracting the individual component parts of plutonium, uranium and waste. In future we will store fuel instead of reprocessing it

Special nuclear materials: we have the facilities and expertise to provide safe, secure and appropriate storage for special nuclear materials

Operating the Sellafield site also includes:

Nuclear waste management: we are the only organisation who can safely manage all three forms of nuclear waste: high, intermediate and low

Infrastructureour day-to-day operations at Sellafield rely on the availability of a range of services, from an on-site laundry to a comprehensive rail network