We help STEM students secure graduate, internship and placement schemes with partner firms.

How we work with universities

If you are not already aware, we are the leading diversity specialist recruitment organisation passionate about helping diverse candidates to progress into the STEM Sector. We work with several employers to provide STEM students with unlimited opportunities.

We want to help all your students be aware of us and how we can help them secure opportunities with many of our partners.

How we support students

  We give employers the opportunity to apply to students
  Exclusive event invites
  Students have a chance to improve their skills with us!
  We are strongly focused on diversity
  Graduate recruitment experts
  Unique insights
  FREE for students and universities

Since 2015 we have helped
over 500+ women secure jobs
with leading partner firms!

Our dedicated Campus Team works closely with various departments on campus from academic leads to careers advisors and department heads.

We work with universities in a number of ways

  Attending campus events
  Holding campus presentations
  Having stands on campus
  Working with STEM societies

All of these events really help us help students. We offer lots of
support, encouragement and guidance.

We already have existing partnerships
with over 90 universities and our aim is to
help students become successful
at securing jobs with us.

Please visit our gallery page to see the
events we have already hosted
with several universities.

Download our digital posters

Download our materials for you to use these on
your websites and marketing materials